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Enhanced Finance Solutions (CY) Ltd

Our Consulting Team is worldwide advising customers in many financial belongings with the focus of alternative financing.

We help companies to get better – this sums up the approach of Enhanced Finance Solutions Ltd's Advisory business. Our experts from the areas of consulting and deals will advise you comprehensively on business, financial and regulatory issues.

Our current focus on agriculture is based on the high increase of the need and demand of Food production in the future. It also requires further investment into Agriculture related businesses by expanding technology skills for farmers via various projects like Seed Production Centre, Agricultural Research Foundation, Industrial Farm Operations. These solutions solve a lot challenges as they are needed when crops have not been planted yet or if only some parts become viable at each stage that has taken place between planting season and harvest. Moreover, improving management standards such quality assurance measures (QA) would save money through making these aspects easier. The services offered can be used both manually and automatically using tools we offer so expect rapid evolution especially considering its nature : it involves analysis done without any human intervention; continuous updating & improvement makes us one step ahead of others.



The need and demand of food will increase permanently and will challenge the whole world to invent new ideas or simply new ways and channels of engagement. EFS Ltd, for this reason, gives a lot of efforts into a block-farming project that's not just only satisfies the wish of social engagement but either the requirement of necessary profits, a successful project needs to offer. With such an industry being built up all around it, one cannot help but wonder how much power has been given to EMEA so far! It should be noted that some big businesses are currently making plans for these types in China.

Some steps ahead of all around the globe is EFS Ltd with entering the Block farming Project Grow Express in Nigeria where we find some of the most valuable and most productive soils on the planet. The company have been doing so for a while now but when they finally announced this massive project, it was great news because as many people know from reading their blog entry titled "Block Farming – Africa's Most Innovative Business", Nigerian farmers are really taking things to new levels by growing using advanced technologies which gives them an edge over others who don't get off on getting big or being one step behind.


We also trade with agri culture products. For example the Kiritree stands as a symbol of sustainability and profitability. Embrace the enormous potential of this remarkable tree – not only can it help combat climate change through carbon sequestration, but it also offers promising financial benefits. Join the Kiritree movement and be a part of the solution to a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Team

Our Team


Erik Simon, CEO
Dipl. Betriebswirt | Phone: +35 79 77 860 80

Eric Simon is a well trained banker with decades of experience in the document business,documentary crediting, project financing and realization of international investment projects.

Volker Heusing_edited.jpg

Volker Heusing, CTO
IT Professional

Volker Heusing is a icon in many IT-areas. More than 38 years of professional experience and constant learning makes him an expert in the field of IT.

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Stefan Elstermann, Head of Distribution
Dipl. Kaufmann
Bachelor of Economics (CU) | Phone: +35 79 77 860 80

Your contact for all project-related problems, appointments and document requirements.

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